• A crackle of static flutters through the air, unseen and paid no mind to until the conditions are met and it flares to life briefly, a crackle and snap of brilliant light giving reality to it’s existence before it’s gone. This is both the nature of life in the grand scheme of things, and inspiration. Inspiration can come and go in a flash, to be squandered or harnessed. We as roleplayers seek to harness it for enjoyment, growth in our own abilities, and the desire to create and enact the events of an entire world. In the natural world the static of inspiration can flicker to life occasionally, to be snagged or to be gone within the second. But under the right conditions, as with natural electricity, it can be nurtured to show itself more frequently, harnessed with amazing results, create amazing things such as works of magic and might, stories and tales of the beyond, or the past.

    Tempest Roleplaying seeks to be the eye of the storm, the calm in the chaos in life and all things. A place to nurture that spark, to help it mature and grow into something amazing by trying to create peaceful community in which the spark of inspiration can be nurtured into what will hopefully be some of your greatest ideas. Under the right conditions and settings anything can grow, Tempest RP seeks to provide this for all those who seek it.

    Tempest Roleplaying is a new site on the scene, seeking to make it’s own way among many of the roleplay site giants. A new competitor that seeks to offer what others cannot while maintaining a stable and friendly environment. An RP site for all ages, yet still able to provide a certain sense of freedom to those who seek it. We’re a general roleplay site that allows all sorts of content with minimal restraints on it.

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